Broil King PCG-10 Griddle

Broil King PCG-10 Professional Portable Nonstick Griddle

If you're like me, you love breakfast food. You like nothing more than starting your day of rest with bacon, eggs, and the occasional pancake or 10.

Pancakes and bacon are worthy of respect. If they're the best part of your day, you ought to at least prepare them in the appropriate manner. There are far too many bad electrical frying pans out there.

I'm tired of seeing and becoming aware of griddles that flood out grease or warp from overuse. I'm tired of hearing about frying pans that simply cannot effectively heat up or of frying pans that aim to be so much more than they are.

Making Pancakes and Bacon on Broil King PCG-10 Professional Portable Nonstick Griddle

It's a griddle. It's a really simple thing. You require a good flat surface that can equally heat up and keep grease far away. That's truly all you require. If you see these frying pans out here that attempt to be a lot more, they're simply trying to sell you an inferior product wrapped up in unneeded fanciness.

You can buy a low-cost 20 dollar griddle. It's out there, I understand they exist, however perhaps they should not be enabled to. If you inspect the reviews, you will understand that people get absorbed by low prices just to regret it when they find their griddle melting in half.

If you're looking for a good deal on a fantastic quality griddle I suggest you look into the Broil King PCG-10 Professional Portable Nonstick Griddle.

Item Description

The Broil King isn't trying to provide you the world. It's not trying to inform you that it will replace everything in your kitchen. It just wants to cook you some breakfast.

A check out its features will help you understand it some more:

Detachable Backsplash - A detachable stainless-steel backsplash assists keep you and your cooking area grease complimentary.

Large Nonstick Surface - 21 by 12 inches provides you sufficient room to work up breakfast for the entire household. The nonstick surface area is great and practical allowing cooking and cleaning both to be much easier.

PFTOA & PTFE Free - Griddles can possibly contain damaging chemicals in the nonstick surface. Watch out for both of these as they are both dangerous to your health. The Broil King includes neither.

Grease Tray - The back legs help push grease to the tray which is then detachable and simple to wash.

Making Pancakes and Bacon on Broil King PCG-10 Professional Portable Nonstick Griddle

There aren't extra features. The Broil King isn't trying to trick or seduce you. It's an honest tool that concentrates on quality. If the Broil King might talk, it wouldn't speak much. It would much rather rely on its actions to speak for it.

Item Review

The Broil King has some of the very best feedback on the internet. It has a 4.2 star rating on Amazon at the time of this review.

For beginners it is a huge griddle. Make no mistake, if you don't have the space to save it, this grill might not be for you. It's big enough to conveniently cook 8 pancakes at the same time. Much of the extremely favorable reviews came from families who consistently held sunday pancake breakfast.

The first thing I did was cook 8 pancakes. From all the electric frying pans on the marketplace, this one cooks the most even. Irregular cooking is possibly the biggest problem with the electrical frying pans, but the Broil King tackles this concern well.

There is some heat drop off near the very edge, as the edge of the pancakes on the end cooked a little slower. It wasn't awful and you might not even see it, unless you prepare eight pancakes at the same time.

Just a true American made griddle like the Broil King can understand the heavy needs of a bacon and pancake lover like myself. None of the long term reviews I read spoke to the griddle warping or flexing. Not a single one discussed this common griddle problem.

The griddle does come in a little expensive compared to a few of the less expensive frying pans, but that's due to the fact that it is dedicated to quality.

Making Pancakes on Broil King PCG-10 Professional Portable Nonstick Griddle

It cooks better and heats up much faster than a lot of other frying pans. The temperature level settings are terrific, and it really will self regulate and keep your griddle at the appropriate temperature level.

I was skeptical about the nonstick surface at first. It looks like there are lines on the griddle, and I was fretted it might affect the cooking. It turned out they didn't do much and after a couple of weeks of use, the lines began to vanish.

It's not perfect though. There aren't any rubber feet, you believe that this would be a simple choice, but it makes the feet of the griddle a little less stable than I want.

I didn't wind up using the splash guard, however it seems other people were pleased with this addition. I didn't utilize it, however some found that it is lightweight.

They might have invested a little bit more into making a grease tray that is less lightweight and easier to eliminate, however it a minimum of gets the job done.

The cooking quality is better than a lot of, and that's why in the end I extremely recommend the Broil King.

Purchasing Guide

The very best location to purchase the Broil King is Amazon. It will run you right around a hundred dollars. This is on the greater end of electric griddles, however there's nothing that even comes close to it in the fifty dollar variety. If you want the even quality cooking of the Broil King, I'm afraid you will need to pay the price.

Your typical griddle lasts a year, but this one is promised to last a minimum of 3. If you're still fretted, you can buy the 4 year guarantee for simply above 10 bucks or the 3 year warranty for just below 3 dollars. It's one of the benefits of purchasing from Amazon.

Broil King PCG-10 Professional Portable Nonstick Griddle

4.2/ 5.


This is a basic griddle, however it's the top of the line. It's created to last a lot longer than the majority of other.

frying pans however that's why it's a little pricier.

In the end, the cooking quality makes it worth it.

What are you awaiting? Get your Broil King on Amazon today.

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