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Embracing the Great Outdoors – Stellar Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

By Chase / September 18, 2016

An outdoor kitchen does far more than simply offer an additional area for preparing meals. A thoughtfully designed outdoor kitchen expands your living space and creates the perfect atmosphere for entertaining or simply enjoying a part of your home that otherwise goes untouched.

Although the concept of an outdoor kitchen isn’t particularly new, the latest innovations within this niche sets the stage for dynamic, efficient and functional spaces. When I first began delving into the idea of creating my own outdoor kitchen, I didn’t have a clue where to begin. However, as I furthered my research, I realized the greatest outdoor kitchen designs all start with several fundamental elements.

It Begins At The Bottom - Effective Flooring Choices

The floorplan of your outdoor kitchen is imperative; however, the actual flooring materials makes the true difference. It’s important to remain conscious regarding your weather climates. For example, a tropical part of the country that sees a lot of rain but year-round warmer temperatures requires a different flooring material than more arctic environments.

Tip: Keep in mind the safety of this area. If it’s near water, make sure the flooring is covered in a non-slip material. The flooring material should also be rugged as it will be challenged with not only heavy foot traffic, but also grease and food stains.

Recommended Outdoor Kitchen Products

Establishing the Grill Location - Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind

As a general rule of thumb, grills and other cooking surfaces should be located away from doors. This is to prevent smoke from entering your home as well as eliminating the possibility of accidents by minimizing foot traffic near these appliances. Here are a few powerful tips regarding the layout of the outdoor kitchen:

  • Have a general idea of the various wind patterns around your home. Orient your grill and other cooking appliances so the wind doesn’t actively push smoke into your home.

  • If you love to have dinner parties, you’ll want to try and place your outdoor kitchen relatively close to the entrance to your indoor kitchen. Remember, when cooking outside, you’ll generally be required to frequently transfer heavy platters. Keep the distance between main spaces in consideration. You may also want to invest in wheeled serving tray to assist in transferring foods.

  • If you have a lovely view from inside your home, try not to obstruct this view by building the outdoor kitchen to the side of your home or at an angle.

Storage for Success - Ample Storage Options

Your outdoor kitchen may be similar to its indoor counterpart; however, the primary difference is this space is subject the natural environment. Therefore, ample secure storage options is absolutely necessary. Maximize storage options by utilizing cabinets with large interiors and cabinet doors capable of being locked when not in use. Consider using countertops and cabinets that are durable. For example, concrete counters can withstand Mother Nature while also being extremely easy to clean.

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