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Everything You Should Know About Choosing A Soft Cooler

Whatever You Might Intend to Understand about Picking A Soft Cooler

Whether you're planning a romantic picnic for your sweetheart or you're going fishing with the fellas, you're going to want to keep your beverages, treats, and food good and cold. There's nothing even worse than working up an appetite fishing or hiking and you cannot consume your lunch since it ruined because of the heat.

However, how do you keep your food and drink cold? Well, you might utilize ice bag and plastic bags, but that's neither practical or useful! With a soft cooler, you're able to keep your drinks refreshingly cold and your food safe from wasting.

In this guide, we are going fill you with a lot info about coolers, you're going to seem like a cooler guru! Well, at least you'll know the distinction in between outdoor camping coolers and a lunch box cooler.

Without more ado, let's get to it!

Whatever About Soft Coolers

Types Of Coolers

Plastic Coolers

Metal Coolers

Styrofoam Coolers

Soft Sided Coolers

Electric Coolers

Ways to Choose What Kind Of Cooler You Need

What Will You Be Using The Cooler For

What Do You Plan On Keeping In The Cooler

How Far Are You Going To Be Carrying The Cooler

Features To Consider In A Cooler

Size Of The Cooler

Durability Of The Cooler

Usefulness Of The Cooler


Relieve Of Use


Finish up

Kinds of Coolers

Prior to you even consider purchasing any type of cooler, you initially have to understand what type of coolers are available-- trust us, there's quite a few! Hard sided coolers can are made from plastic or metal, whereas a soft cooler is as the name would indicate, soft products that make it easy to fold the cooler up when it isn't being used. Oh, but these aren't the only alternatives readily available due to the fact that there are even electrical coolers, as well a heavy duty coolers too!

Plastic Coolers

A plastic cooler will normally feature a high density foam in the walls of the cooler to function as insulation. Depending upon the quality of the cooler, it could have an insulated cover and a seal that will develop an air tight seal to assist keep the cold inside the cooler. In most cases, when you see coolers with wheels and a manage, they are made from plastic. Those added features are terrific for carrying the cooler from the automobile to the beach or your camp site.

Metal Coolers

If you're looking for a cooler that is going to be durable, then you might want to think about a metal cooler. They are developed to hold up against a whipping (although we do not actually advise it), however with that toughness comes added weight.

Holding Metal Soft Cooler

These coolers are a fair bit much heavier than the plastic ones and they tend to absorb and keep the heat much quicker and longer than plastic. So if you intend on taking a metal cooler to the beach, we strongly advise against it, unless it is going to be under an umbrella and away from the sun.

Styrofoam Coolers

If you've entered into any shop throughout the summer season, you've most likely seen those Styrofoam coolers. These "coolers" are just Styrofoam box with a Styrofoam cover. These are lightweight and not long lasting at all, so you wouldn't wish to put anything too substantial in them.

Because these coolers are just Styrofoam, they are among the least costly coolers readily available and they aren't going to last a long time. Needless to say, these are more one-off type coolers that you 'd use for a picnic or lounging by the swimming pool-- they are bad for camping!

Soft Sided Coolers

Soft side coolers are great choices if you're limited on area and you aren't taking a lot of food or drinks with you. These coolers are by-far the most versatile, as they are offered in a number of different styles:

Shoulder Bag

This is a very common style of soft cooler due to the fact that it provides you the versatility you 'd expect from a soft cooler, but it has the ease of use that you 'd get with a shoulder bag. These bags include a shoulder strap and bring deals with, and it uses a zipper to seal the bag up.

Polar Bear Coolers Nylon Series On White Background

As far as a cooler bag goes, these kinds of coolers can hold a decent amount of beverages and/or food, however they can still fold to an extremely compact size-- much smaller sized than any difficult cooler. Individuals have the tendency to enjoy these coolers due to the fact that the shoulder strap makes it a lot easier to bring.

Lunch Box Style

If you look in the refrigerator in the break room at work, you'll probably see plenty of these soft bag coolers. These particular soft coolers don't have many unique features except for a removable plastic liner that makes it easy to clean the within. These bags can have a shoulder strap too, however they typically have the typical manages.

These coolers are best suited for a single person to bring adequate food for a single meal. However, you can fit some beverages in them if you're going on a long car ride and you don't want to purchase costly drinks at a convenient shop. Needless to say, these certainly aren't going to be your go-to beach cooler if you're participating in a beach party.

Backpack Cooler

This style of cooler has all the convenience of a knapsack, but it has insulation to keep your goodies great and cold. The appeal of these coolers is that they are fantastic choices when you're searching for something that is portable. These coolers permit hands-free transportation that isn't cumbersome and awkward; in fact, some say it's quite comfortable.

Male Wearing Backpack Cooler

These are likewise chosen by hikers and campers because you can bring the pack for cross countries without it ending up being uncomfortable, thanks to the cushioned straps. If you're going camping, hiking, or have to bring more than just a cooler, these are an excellent choice.

Electric Coolers

An electrical cooler has the ability to keep your food items cool without requiring ice. These are ideal choices for individuals who go camping in a RV or at a campground where there is an electrical connect. These coolers can likewise be plugged into your automobile's Air Conditioning outlet, however be mindful of the cars and truck battery. You do not wish to be stood out in the wilderness since your cooler sucked all the energy out of the vehicle battery!

Besides selecting whether your cooler will be made from a hard plastic, metal, or if it will be a soft sided cooler, you then have your basic cooler and after that you have heavy-duty options. The fundamental cooler is going to be relatively low-cost, however that can alter depending upon how large of a cooler you need.

These are the sort of coolers most big-box and outdoor stores will bring. These aren't going to have as much insulation in them and the seal isn't really going to be air tight. If you're going to be camping only for a few nights and have lots of ice, the basic cooler is an excellent choice.

Taking Food From Electric Cooler

With that stated, a sturdy cooler is going to be a system that is going to go above and beyond when it pertains to keeping your food cold. These coolers are the ones that have thick insulation and the lid, when closed, will develop an air tight seal. Oh, and the lids on these coolers will generally have some kind of locking system to keep those clever raccoons and bears out of the cooler.

These coolers are like the Cadillac's of the cooler world. We do want to point out that you bear in mind the fact that these coolers are going to be more pricey and much heavier than your basic coolers. Prior to you go out to buy one of these bad boys, you need to truly think about your needs and if you genuinely need a durable cooler.

The best ways to Choose What Kind Of Cooler You Need

Now that we've reviewed your options of all the possible types of coolers offered, let's discuss how you're going to pick which one you need to buy. Before deciding, ask yourself 3 easy concerns:

What will you be using the cooler for?

What do you plan on keeping in the cooler?

How far are you going to be carrying the cooler?

By answering these concerns, you will have the ability to select the right cooler to fit your needs.

What Will You Be Using The Cooler For

Before you go out to the store and get any old cooler, you are going to want to think of what you're going to be utilizing it for. You don't wish to get a couple mini coolers if you're going to be doing a lot of tailgating this season, nor would you bring a small cooler to a block celebration.

If you're going camping, you'll most likely need one or two large coolers (depending upon the number of people you're camping with and for the length of time you'll be outdoor camping), however do you need a heavy-duty cooler or can you get away with the fundamental cooler? When you can definitively state exactly what you are going to be using the cooler for, you can then proceed to the next concern.

What Do You Plan On Keeping In The Cooler

This is a crucial question. If your just intent is to keep cans of soda or bottles of water cold while you're attending your kids sports games or journeys to the beach, then you might desire a 12 can cooler (or perhaps a 30 can cooler, depending upon your requirements). If you intend on cooking fresh food, then you may want a sturdy cooler that will form an airtight seal, keeping the food cold and fresh.

Food And Beverages In Soft Cooler

Maybe you're just going to the park with your better half and you're going to load a light lunch for the two of you. If that's the case, you would be better off with a picnic cooler bag.

How Far Are You Going To Be Bring The Cooler

If you plan on going hiking and setting up camp somewhere, you most likely aren't going to wish to be stuck bring a heavy cooler. For those sort of activities where you'll need to carry a cooler to some area (be it the beach or a camping spot that isn't near the automobile), you'll want to look into coolers on wheels since they'll be much easier to transport.

Nevertheless, if you're just going to the park with your children and you wish to bring a couple of treats and some water, you might select soft coolers & insulated bags that have shoulder straps, hence freeing up your hands for whatever else.

It isn't uncommon that families will have more than one cooler in their home. Maybe you'll require a big cooler for celebrations and camping trips, however to pack your lunch for work or school, you'll have a number of insulated bags coolers.

Functions To Consider In A Cooler

So, we've discussed the different types of coolers and we've reviewed a couple concerns you ought to ask yourself about the planned use of the cooler. Now, let's discuss the functions of a cooler that will play a role in your decision making.

Opening Beer With Bottle Opener On Cooler

Not just are you going to be thinking of exactly what you're going to put in the cooler and how it'll be utilized, you're going to wish to think of the functions that will make your cooler right for your needs. Some of the most noteworthy functions you'll want to consider consist of:

Size Of The Cooler

You can discover a cooler in a big array of sizes. You can discover a collapsible cooler that can hold just 6 cans of soda to a behemoth cooler that can hold more than 50 quarts of goods. When you're trying to decide what size cooler you'll need, you wish to consider just how much things is going to be inside said cooler due to the fact that you're going wish to make sure there suffices room to add plenty of ice and/or ice packs.

Remember that ice cubes are going to take up more area in the cooler. You can navigate the requirement of ice or ice bag by freezing water or juice bottles and using them rather. Not only are you saving important space in the cooler, however you're going to drink the drinks anyway.

Sturdiness Of The Cooler

When you're picking a cooler, the durability of it is going to be necessary, particularly if you're going to be investing a good amount of cash on it. If your family intend on going on regular camping journeys or if you plan on hosting or going to various celebrations throughout the year, then you're going to want something that is both durable and simple to transport.

Male Taking Soft Cooler Froam Boat

Nevertheless, if you just intend on going on a picnic every once in a fantastic while, you could be much better off with something not almost as resilient. Obviously, when you're considering the sturdiness of the cooler, you should likewise consider where it will be saved when it isn't in use.

If you choose a metal cooler, you'll want to make sure you'll have the ability to keep it in a dry area so that the metal does not rust. If you pick a plastic cooler, you'll want to keep it from the water and sun, as these things could compromise the integrity of the plastic.

Usefulness Of The Cooler

Any cooler you select is going to have to have the ability to carry out the very function it was designed for. If it cannot keep food cold, then there's no point in buying it. In addition to if it's able to keep your food cold, you wish to ensure it isn't going to be tough to transport. For example, if you require a big cooler, will you be able to carry it by yourself?

If you have to go hiking and look at a map so you do not get lost, will the knapsack style soft cooler be comfortable enough for you to bring. If you're only utilizing the cooler for beverages, perhaps you 'd be better off with a drink dispenser instead of your typical cooler.


Naturally, when you're taking a look at coolers, you're going to wish to consider just how much insulation the cooler has. If you require a great deal of insulation (like you're going to be camping for several days), you're going to wish to choose a cooler that is going to be able to keep things cold.

Holding Cooler Insulation

Cooler manufacturers do not quantify the ice retention of their coolers, so it's difficult to set a cost to insulation ratio. You can do your very own investigative work and get an idea of the insulation quality by taking a look at how thick the insulation is. Normally speaking, the thicker the insulation is, the better.

Relieve Of Use

Whatever aside, you wish to discover a cooler that is going to be simpler to utilize. As a rule of thumb, the better the cooler is built, it needs to be much easier to utilize. If you're searching for a cooler that you can reach in without fretting about digging through ice or fumbling with difficult to open closures, you might wish to check out a soft cooler. If you want different options of ways to bring the cooler, that must be thought about as well.


Another aspect of ease of use you'll want to think about is how simple the cooler is to drain the water after the ice has melted. Draining pipes the cooler can be as simple as pulling a plug, however it can likewise be quite hard, particularly if you're handling a big and heavy cooler.

Opening Small Drainage Hole

Coolers that are easy to drain will have a plug near the bottom of the cooler and there will be channels in the within flooring of the cooler that will take the water to the drain. Some models will have small drain holes which will make the drainage procedure spend some time, while there are designs with larger holes.


It doesn't matter if you're going camping, if you're getting ready for a crazy block celebration, or if you are going to sit in the park while your kids play, you're going to desire a cooler that will keep your food and drinks nice and cold. The issue is, there are so many coolers readily available on the marketplace, individuals tend to simply purchase any old cooler.

Hard coolers, whether they are plastic or metal, can supply you with adequate area for your food, your beverages and the ice. Nevertheless, they can be bulky, heavy, and costly.

If you don't need to keep a great deal of items cold or if you want something that is light-weight, easy to bring, and budget-friendly, a soft cooler may be your best option. Of the coolers that you can pick, there are numerous different types of soft coolers that you might choose. For instance, if you require something to carry your lunch in for work, you have the common lunch box design bag.

Two Soft Coolers On Boat

If you are going to invest the day at the park with your children, you might want an over-the-should type cooler. These will enable you to bring the cool on your shoulder while you keep your hands totally free for things like pressing a stroller or holding your kids's hands.

For those who are going on treking or camping journeys that's only going to last a couple of days, you may wish to consider a knapsack design soft cooler. With these, you can bring all your food packs on your back and your hands will be complimentary for holding a map, moving branch off of the method while you stroll, or anything else.

When you're picking what cooler is right for you, we recommend that you remember the 3 questions mentioned above and then think about the style you desire. We hope the details we've provided with you in this short article will provide you the insight you might need to assist you decide!

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